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Ju’Not Joyner was a former client that WIN inspired to sing and pursue his dream –he was part of the top 36 finalists on American Idol in 2009. We are so very proud of him!

Therapeutic talent devEvery child has a dream for their future. DREAM is an acronym that stands for Destiny Realized Equals Achievement Maximized.

At DREAM, youth are given the opportunity to identify, appreciate, develop, and utilize their talents and gifts as a strategy for accomplishing their life goals.  WIN Family Services strives to empower the youth by nurturing their strengths, boosting self-esteem and encouraging creativity.

What interests you the most?

Art/Visual Design – Youth choose this group to experience artistic expression and learn self-management skills.  DREAM Group Leaders help youth identify positive and healthy inspirations for artistic designs.  Youth may develop comic book characters and process their personal experiences, process their own thoughts and feelings, and problem-solve and help manage the behaviors of their comic book character in response to specific issues.

Creative Writing – Youth choose this group to express themselves through poetry, songs, and short stories.  Youth are encouraged to write about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.  Opportunities to share creative writing pieces are also an experience of this group.
Dance & Movement – Youth choose this group due to an interest in a dance genre and/or fashion.  Structured dance sessions may include jazz, ballet, hip hop, or liturgical dance.  Youth also join this group to engage in the designing, styling, and modeling of clothing.

Vocal/Instrumental – Youth choose this group to compose, write, record, and perform original songs.  This group is uniquely designed to naturally link youth to liberating artistic expression. DREAM Group Leaders suggest various academic concepts and life skill strategies for youth to include in their musical production.

16684157_972786976188368_8107951654240991892_nSimeon Howlett is another former DREAM youth we are so very proud of! Simeon has produced several CDS and is so talented! He continues to visit DREAM and inspire youth to shoot for the stars. Check out hit music online.

Purpose & Scope

purpose and scope

We aren’t your typical mental health organization. We will ensure:
     •    You are treated with dignity and respect.
     •    Your services is based on your needs and with your consent
     •    You’re treated in the most rehabilitative and least restrictive manner necessary.
     •    You have easy access to the rehabilitation team, treatment services, and 24-hour crisis availability
     •    You have the support you need to get through the crisis
     •    We won’t remove you from familiar surroundings.
     •    We are responsive and sensitive to your needs
     •    You and your family  are actively involved in the decision-making process of all mental health  treatment plans.
     •    We collaborate with the best service providers in the area
     •    Our team members will help you understand what mental health services are and how they support your goals and needs. 
     •    We are good stewards who make efficient use of all resources available.
     •    Our effective service delivery and efficacy will be promoted through the establishment of coordination, consultation, and cooperation with delivering   rehabilitative services.


Why do we do it?
WIN's Therapeutic Wellness services were developed in response to the intense needs of individuals with mental health disabilities in Maryland.  We provide psychiatric rehabilitation services (PRP) that improves the quality of life for youth and adults with mental and behavioral health challenges. The WIN Team utilizes strength-based and solution-focused training, counseling, and mentoring services designed to produce healing and restoration for individuals and families within their community.

What do we do?
PRP is a very close relative to what is known in the human service industry as Wraparound Support. Our staff directly works with individual where he or she is most comfortable- in the home or a familiar place in the community -assisting the individual with removing barriers to healthy functioning.  Psychiatric rehabilitation services are an extension to the therapeutic services an individual may be receiving currently. Our role is to support the psycho-therapeutic aspect of an individual’s mental health treatment by unpacking what happens internally, mentally, and emotionally in clients.  Our rehabilitation services enlighten youth and adults on who they are, what their strengths and needs are, and help bring resolve to psychiatric symptoms.

How do we do it?

The WIN Team PRP utilizes a unique, strength-based approach that empowers and affirms individuals at every phase of their recovery. We help youth, adults and their families identify and utilize their inherent strengths, skills, and talents. Individuals are able to successfully live and work in the community and enjoy active, healthy lives.

Our Clients

I am…
•    Suffering from a clinical diagnosis;
•    Assessed as benefiting from PRP services; and
•    Eligible to receive Medical Assistance (MA).

our clients

I Want to Enroll!

Please call our office for intake screening 443-423-0334 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are a therapist and would like to refer a client to WIN Team PRP please call 443-423-0334 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you client referral documents via email.

I want to know…logosmall2

What Health Insurance do you accept?
We currently accept, Medicaid,  PAC, and Dual Insurance.

Does WIN Team PRP provide therapy?
Currently we do not  provide therapy.  Should you need a therapist we can refer you to one of our therapeutic partners.

Do you offer marriage counseling?
While we do not offer counseling covered by any insurance, we can offer counseling if paid out of pocket.

What Health Insurance do you accept?
We currently accept, Medicaid,  PAC, and Dual Insurance.

Visit Us


Visit Us imageOur Baltimore Office: We are in the Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church located at 4640 Edmondson Avenue; Baltimore, MD 21229.  Our offices are found on the second floor of the building (make right once you enter building and proceed up the steps to your right).

Our DC Metropolitan Office: We are on the Washington Bible College campus, located at 10001 Derekwood Lane Suite 210 Lanham, MD 20706

Our Cecil County Office: We are located at 7 Pleasant View Church Rd Port Deposit, MD 21904 . (443) 747-4021

Hours: Our Administration and On-Site Training departments operate Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Our Team
Our Team is composed of a professional network of experienced, skilled, and licensed counselors, mentors, practitioners, clinicians, and trainers committed to supporting the holistic needs of youth, adults, and families through a Family Strengthening approach.  WIN Team staff are effective communicators, liaisons, and advocates held to high accountability and ethical standards.



Key Management Contacts

Abiba Wynn, Program Director    443.423.0334

David Heard, Community Outreach Coordinator   443.904.8831

Placida Braswell, Community Service Worker, (Cecil County) 443.643.7161



servicesExperiencing  a mental health trauma can be  like being lost in the woods. There might be no way out in sight. Think of us as your flashlight – Our psychiatric rehabilitation services are offered by skilled and licensed practitioners who are held to high accountability and ethical standards. Our staff promotes recovery, full community integration, and improved quality of life for persons who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. When an emotional or behavioral health challenge gets in the way of you living your daily life, that’s where we come in.

You’ll Have:

•    Self-Care (Health & Wellness) Training
•    Social Skills Development
•    Therapy Support
•    Independent Living Skills
•    Social & Family Relationships
•    Therapeutic Recreational Activities
•    Therapeutic Cultural Activities
•    Community Awareness & Integration
•    Physical Health Promotion
•    Academic Tutoring & Educational Support
•    Vocational Coaching & Job Readiness
•    Behavior Modifications
•    Collaboration w/ Inpatient Facilities & Detention Centerslogosmall2


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