logosmall2The Practice of Family Strengthening resized“To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.” ~Barbara Bush

Families may look and act differently, but there is always love there. It is inevitable that families will run into issues; it is inevitable that family members will have problems with each other. At times is may be hard to communicate with your family. What if there was a way for individuals to concentrate on natural strengths and interact with everyone in the family? WIN’s Family Strengthening practice model is a strength and skill-based model that can be used for a wide range of human service settings.


The power of family strengthening is best expressed through its principles…

•    Family Strengthening focuses on strengths and resources rather than deficits; strengths are inherent and always able to be found in family life.
•    Family Strengthening engages the entire family; the model encourages the understanding that the issues families face are often explained by life circumstances and can be found within any community;
•    Family Strengthening increases families' and family practitioners’ confidence in their natural skills; these skills emphasize joining strengths, showing understanding, and reflecting good and meaningful  intentions and    behavioral processes by communicating deep thoughts and concerns in a non-injurious way
•    Family Strengthening supports informal networks and the teamwork of families; the model believes the family is a system wherein the behavior of one member affects and is affected by all other members.
•    Family Strengthening works to offer neighborhood resources, services, and opportunities; the model changes systems and    policies to help families be more successful and strong and help communities thrive.