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Temporary Cash Assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medical Assistance, Social Security Insurance

Social Security

Emergency Resources
Local Government Resources; State Government Resources; Federal Government Resources; Other agencies and/or religious institutions  that offer crisis intervention and emergency resources

Employment/Vocational Resources
Department of Labor


Educational Resources
Tutoring, Testing, SAT Preparation, ACT Preparation, Educational Programs, FAFSA preparation support, College Preparation programs, Vocational Training

Resources for Ex-Offenders

Housing Resources
Eviction prevention; Foreclosure prevention; Emergency Housing resources; Low-income housing programs; Home Buying Assistance programs; Vacant-to-Values Program

Emergency Food Assistance
Food Banks; Emergency Food Stamps, Soup Kitchens

Section #8 – Medical Assistance
Programs that pay medical bills; Programs that help purchase medications; Medicaid; Medicare; Medical Assistance