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Mission / Vision

Our Mission

To promote holistic, strength-based, and faith-based principles within the human service community. Our goal is to therapeutically support and strengthen youth, families, organizations and communities through the creation of innovative services, products and initiatives.

“We Don’t Give Up On Families!”

Our Vision

Through the advancement of faith and family strengthening, every individual, family and community will experience healthy relationships and family life.

“Changing Lives… Strengthening Families”

Business Vision

WIN Family Health (aka WIN Team, LLC) is in the midst of an exciting expansion phase of the organization’s growth.  We are considering additional expansion of our services in integrative healthcare, which includes outpatient physical health and somatic health services.  In addition, we plan to initiate our organizational development training, which will open entirely new business opportunities for our agency.  Finally, our plans include the provision of partial hospitalization for mental health and substance abuse patients.  Because of the continuity and continuum of our service array and the volume of our current client population that qualify for these additional services, our new programs are positioned to be fast-tracked in their growth and sustainability.

Core Principles




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