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Terms & Conditions

By using a website provided and managed by WIN Family Services (winfamilyservices.org), you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, please do not use the websites. WIN Family Services reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time by making them available through our website and your continued use of the websites will be taken as your agreement. If you do not abide by the terms and conditions, WIN Family Services reserves the right to terminate your access and use of the websites without notice.

Using WIN Family Services website

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to use the websites for purposes that are legal and which do not infringe the rights of others to use and enjoy the websites. This includes but is not limited to harassing or violating the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others, post any material that is inappropriate, defamatory, infringing, obscene, that infringes any proprietary right of any party (unless you have the legal right to do so), any files that may damage the operation of another’s computer or use the site for any commercial purpose, other than in areas of the websites intended for such use. You may not impersonate another person or entity, or falsify or delete any material that is contained on WIN Family Services websites. While WIN Family Services will endeavor to remove any offensive or harmful content from the websites as soon as it comes to our attention, third party materials may include offensive, inappropriate, harmful, or deceptive information. We expect you to exercise good judgement and common sense in regard to third party material.

Limitation of liability

Your use of WIN Family Services websites is at your own risk. If you are dissatisfied with any of the contents of the websites or with these terms and conditions, our privacy policy or any other policies, your sole remedy is to discontinue use of the websites. In no event will WIN Family Services be liable to any user or other third party for any, without limitation, direct, indirect, or exemplary damages or lost profits or any damages whatsoever resulting from the use, inability to or in connection with the use of the websites or the materials contained therein. WIN Family Services does not take any responsibility for materials posted by registered members and has no obligation to monitor postings.

Accuracy of content on WIN Family Services websites

WIN Family Services will endeavor to maintain high levels of accuracy among the content on its websites. However WIN Family Services does not make any warranties about the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or timeliness of the material and links presented on the websites. WIN Family Services websites host third party material. WIN Family Services does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any information posted by third parties, or endorse any opinions expressed by them. We host this material purely as a service to you. You acknowledge that any reliance on material so posted will be at your own risk.

Online Community

To use our online community, you must have current individual or organizational membership of WIN Family Services. Users can only have one account at any time and WIN Family Services reserves the right to remove any duplicate accounts. If you need to change any of your login details, you may do so by logging in to your account or by contacting info@winfamilyservices.org.

By creating your account for the online community, you accept our terms and conditions, privacy policy and good conduct guidelines. WIN Family Services reserves the right to suspend or remove, at its sole discretion, any community account that has been in violation of this policy, the privacy policy or any good conduct guidelines or following a complaint or any threatened legal action. We will not reveal the identity of any account holder unless we need to do so to comply in due process following a formal complaint or threatened or real legal action.

Any comment or message posted on the online community only gives opinions of the commenter and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of WIN Family Services or any other person or entity associated with WIN Family Services or the online community. You agree by using the online community that WIN Family Services or any person or entity associated with WIN Family Services, will not be held responsible for any part of the posts made to the online community.

By registering to use the online community, you agree that you will not post any material, or links to any material, which is knowingly false, defamatory, libelous, inaccurate, discriminatory, abusive, extremist, hateful, harassing, pornographic, obscene, profane, sexually orientated, offensive, racist, homophobic, ageist, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, in contravention of confidentiality, or otherwise in violation of any law including those relating to copyright and intellectual property. WIN Family Services does not take any responsibility for any losses incurred for violation of copyright or intellectual property law.

You agree that you use the online community at your own risk and WIN Family Services cannot be held responsible or liable for any posts, links or any other content within the online community or for the results of any posts, links or other content within the online community.

Any posts that are considered to be “spam” are not allowed and will be removed without prior contact.

WIN Family Services reserves the right to remove any posts that are objectionable or which violate these terms and conditions, our privacy policy or any other good conduct guidelines applying to the online community. You are agree that you have sole responsibility for any and all posts and materials that you contribute to the online community and to indemnify WIN Family Services in relation to any claims relating to this material. Users are encouraged to report any posts that they understand to be objectionable or in violation of these terms and conditions, our privacy policy or any good conduct guidelines to info@winfamilyservices.org.

WIN Family Services will clearly state how users can report unacceptable content within community posts and agrees to review any such posts or materials reported to them within a reasonable period of time. However posts may not be removed or edited immediately as this is a manual process.


Please be aware that the majority of photographs of children and young people on winfamilyservices.org are posed by models. All photographs on this site are subject to copyright. If copyright ownership is not clearly stated on the page that the photograph sits on, contact info@winfamilyservices.org for copyright information.

Any images uploaded to the online community by users remain the copyright of the user. By posting an image to the online community, you state that you hold or have permission to use the image and indemnify WIN Family Services for any claim relating to the image.


WIN Family Services websites contain links to third party websites that are maintained by others. These links are provided solely as a convenience to our users which you access at your own risk. The links are not an endorsement by WIN Family Services nor are we liable for any content on such third party websites.

WIN Family Services takes no responsibility for any links or the content thereof posted to the online community.


Barring third party material, copyright is held by WIN Family Services for all material on its websites. This includes images, information, logos, photographs and overall look of the site. Use of WIN Family Services websites is permitted for personal, non-commercial purposes. You cannot use or reproduce any of the copyright material on the websites for commercial purposes without the written permission of WIN Family Services. If you feel that material displayed on WIN Family Services websites violates your copyright, please contact us in writing by post, email or fax. Our contact details are as follows:

WIN Family Services, Inc
2502 W. Northern Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21215

Fax #: (410)578-0029
E-mail: info@winfamilyservices.org

We reserve the right to use any material directly posted to the online community without prior contact to the author.

Comments or Questions

If you have any comments or questions please contact the information manager at info@winfamilyservices.org.