Executive Liason

Laura Mueller

Laura Mueller is the Executive Liaison for WIN Family Health and has been with the organization since 2011.  Her compassion for individuals struggling with a mental health diagnosis became clear at a very young age. Since graduating from Towson University with a double degree in Psychology and Sociology, she has dedicated her life to being a beacon of reason and support to all that know her. Today, she is WIN’s Executive Liaison – providing support to the CEO and main point of contact for major endeavors and projects. With over 20 years of marketing experience, eight years of association management and strategic planning experience, Laura has brought to WIN a  passion for promoting our mission and services. During her tenure at WIN, she has been instrumental in the promotion of our services, recruitment of highly qualified staff and has led the agency in strategic planning.

She is active in representing the agency at the local and state level; as a member of many advisory boards, Laura ensures that policies and initiatives appropriately meet the needs of the individuals and families we serve.  Fully committed to WIN, Laura considers herself a “WIN lifer”—she is proud of all that we currently do and is excited about plans for future growth. Laura is the proud wife of her high school sweetheart—Walt, a Baltimore County police officer, and the doting mother of Ava and Madeline. When she isn’t working to further our mission, Laura can be found baking delicious sweets in the kitchen (and often treats our staff to samples!) Laura’s  motto for life is “Smile and make this a beautiful day!”