Quality Assurance Manager

Tracey Drummond

Tracey Drummond  is the Quality Assurance Manager for WIN. New to the field ofQuality Assurance, Tracey, brings a background in program administration and evaluation. Most of her professional experience has involved the betterment of children and families. She is known for her nurturing, supportive dedication to those she serves. Her ability to support crisis intervention, crisis prevention and improvement planning is superb.

As a proud mother of 4 children, Jasmine (23 year old, recent graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park, newly employed as a Marketing Administrator, NY City), Jahsol (17 year old, Senior at BARD High School, Early College), Jahnae (15 year old, Sophomore BARD High School, Early College and Jada (10 year old scholar at World House, a Community Supported Education Homeschool). Tracey closely guides and directs her children’s educational matriculation with hopes that they will all feed the family’s legacy of well educated professionals.  Tracey earned her bachelor’s degree in Bio-Psychology at the University of Maryland Baltimore County were she was groomed to a life long learner and to be a servant leader. As such, she assessed her mission to serve her community fit well with that of WIN Family Health. In 1999, she began her relationship with WIN as a foster parent in the therapeutic foster care program and has been connected to WIN in various capacities over the last 17 years, now proudly serving as the Quality Assurance Manger for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) of WIN PRP.