Foster Parents

Mr. and Mrs. White

We are writing you to tell you how privileged we were to have had Ms. Pamela Scott as our Family Specialist from WIN. She was always on top of the job. Ms. Scott was extremely professional (in appearance, her voice, and actions), yet she had that personal touch. She was also extremely dependable. Ms. Scott was very knowledgeable about her job and was a very compassionate person with high people skills.  Ms. Scott was just sheer joy to work with.  We shall miss her terribly and the Onley boys will miss her as well.  Though we’d hope to have her for much, much longer, we are most grateful for the time we did work together. We have had a few other very good workers for the boys before with various agencies, but no one ever as good as her.  Ms. Scott was absolutely the best! WIN Family Services has a real gem with her. We just had to let you know from a foster parent’s perspective, just how much we valued and appreciated her. We wish her the best in her future endeavors. God Bless.