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May 2019 Newsletter

May 2019

The sun is shining and the temperature is warming up. This could only mean one thing: Spring is upon us! This new season is all about growth and we’re excited to share all that we’ve been up to. Read on for the latest about WIN Family Health.  Visit our website at www.winfamilyservices.org

Launching New Programs!

We are excited for the launch of our Wellness Center under the guidance of Mrs. Lauren Capel and expertise of Dr. Mertine Jermany. Our mental health services will be more widespread throughout the Baltimore community as we accept and welcome new clients in their journey to their healthiest selves. Our on staff therapists are ready to help individuals heal and build stronger relationships with their families and community.

Additionally, our Counseling Support Services now offering a somatic health. Our Somatic Health Services, headed by nurse practitioner Yolanda Williams, will ensure our clients are meeting their holistic needs – not only mentally, spiritually, but also physically. Our Somatic Health staff will help individuals assess their overall health and meet their individualized goals.

Staff Shoutout

WIN Family Health prides itself in offering great customer service to our clients and our service partners. Our priority is to meet the needs of all those we work with and establish thriving relationships with agencies that share our mission. When we get great news from a partner, we can’t help but shout it out from the mountains. Thank you to Beacon Health by helping us in our goal to create a healthier community! Below is a quick message from one of our partners:

“I called Beacon Health today and spoke with Darlene, customer service representative.  Darlene reported that she checks in with providers and consumers from time to time about the services they receive.  WIN is constantly getting great reviews and service success stories.  She also stated its not often she gets great reports from providers and consumers but to consistently here great things about WIN is impressive.  In addition she gives WIN referral’s often and today she gave 3!  This is to acknowledge that WIN staff are doing a great job and CSW are doing great work in the community.  Way to go team you all are the best!” – T. Wheeler (Counseling Support Monitor)

Our WIN Family Health team members are committed to those we serve and helping  them through some of the toughest times in their lives. We are blessed to have individuals like Malika Brown as a part of our family, who is there to support at exactly the right time. She works to connect with the clients and ensure that they know they are cared for and supported. Here are just a few of the amazing things Malika has undergone through her time with WIN:

“We had platinum service at the PRP Baltimore office today. It’s always a very intense day when we have platinum service. It is especially intense for those who are there to help clients get through the intake process. We left work today overstimulated and a little bit tired from trying to get to get our workloads under control in time for servant leader tomorrow.

When Malika left she saw two gentlemen passed out on the bus stop near Giant. Like she does, she sprung into action. She called in the troops. Anita, Tina and Sarah were there in a flash and I circled back around to join them. When I got there Malika had already administered Narcam and one of the gentleman slowly became alert. The other was trying to come back around and the paramedics continued to work on him. Even though the scene was scary and some people were in tears, I was so proud to see our team in purple uniform handling business and serving the community.

Malika saved their lives! She did not hesitate to use her training, her knowledge and her team. She is such a blessing in a crisis!  I thank God for her and I am so blessed to watch her help people every single day!!! Today I watched her save lives!”

“ During our Platinum Services at Connexions, Malika was seen walking down the hall with a highschool student who was very upset and confessed doing hard to herself. Malika successfully de-escalated the issue and talked to her about how she and our entire team could support her.”

We are so proud to have you as a part of our team, Malika!

Meet our Social Workers

The month of March is recognized as National Social Work Month and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate the amazing individuals who give their hearts in their work each day. Meet our social workers – the heart and soul of WIN Family Health!

Leslie: The ability to interact with others and build relationships! Being a part of the process to support individuals growth, independence and change.

Lauren Capel: The best part of being a social worker is being able to advocate, support and be a light at the end of the tunnel for those who have lost hope and their own voice.  I enjoy creating transformative experiences to empower and being a vessel for healing for those in pain.

Shayla Cheeks: My favorite part about being a social worker is running into people that I served many years later and hearing their success stories.

Nicole: One of the many reasons I love being a social worker is because I love to help people. As cliche as that answer is, I love to be a constant in the life of someone who has always lived inconsistently. I love being able to be there and support a child or a parent when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. I love being able to plant seeds in the lives of children and hope that one day they bloom to become beautiful flowers. I love empowering children to become their own person and I absolutely LOVE that moment when a child learns that they can do anything they want with just a little hard work and help. I love playing a small part of change in the bigger picture of someone’s life.

Davida: I love being a Social Worker because I have been given enormous opportunities to serve disenfranchised populations through a therapeutic model premised on dignity. Serving children and families and providing innovative mental health services has propelled me to work towards being a part of alleviating the disparities present for marginalized groups. In a nut shell Social Work is a rewarding and diverse field.

We are so grateful for all of your hard work and commitment to our community!

Preakness 2019

The biggest event in Baltimore is coming to Pimlico Race Track on May 18th – The Preakness Stakes! Come see the horse race and enjoy the sights.

Worried about parking? WIN has you covered! Park all day on our supervised lot at 2502 W. Northern Parkway for a tax deductible donation of $40!

Coming around the corner…

Preakness 2019 Parking- May 18th 9am at 2502 W. Northern Parkway Baltimore, MD 21215

June Baltimore New Parent Orientation – June 3rd at 5:30pm
2502 W. Northern Parkway Baltimore, MD 21215

June PG New Parent Orientation – June 6th at 5:30pm
10001 Derekwood Lane Suite 210 Lanham, MD 20706

If you have any questions about upcoming events, please email Kristina Jones at kjones@winfamilyservices.org 

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